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 i can't begin to tell you how much traffic THIS office organization POST (link)
has generated in the past week!
it seems EVERYONE is looking for ideas and inspiration
to make their creative spaces work for them...
i want to thank you ALL so very much for coming to visit me from hometalk and pinterest!

i've located MORE ideas & images to share from my archives!

In that post, called 'Beautifully Organized',
you saw images of two of my office/studio spaces:
the black and white decor was in house B,
and the neutral decor was in [dream house] C.
the images i found are of house B, and the previously-unseen house A.
[i know that's confusing - i moved a lot! imagine how i felt!]

the great thing about moving a lot is that i discovered many ways 
for the fixtures and accessories that i had 
to work in ALL of those rooms, in ALL of those houses:
the IKEA shelf unit, the tall work table, the old shutters, the shallow IKEA drawers
were workhorses that i could fit into almost every one of my offices.

by using inexpensive paper from dollar tree and target, or thrift stores, 
i could create a whole new look in each room... sometimes in the SAME ROOM
[what can i say? i'm a decorator. stuff HAS to change!
that's why i like doing it on the CHEAP!]

let's take a look at a few NEW details from my office/studio spaces:
above is the office/studio in house B
[which was also shown in the black & white decor images in the other post]
only instead of being black and white, now it's filled with cozy neutrals.
it's simply a change of the paper that is covering containers & inspiration boards,
a wardrobe change for the mannequin, new paint on the chandelier,
and a few small accessory switches to make the room look completely different!

things that i really liked about that office:

* it felt bright all the time because of the mirrored closet doors (see in reflection)
and because i put MORE mirrors on the opposite wall.  
light bounced EVERYWHERE
[and in Seattle, you need all the light you can GET]

* this was the first time i had the tall work table and high barstools in an office,
and they worked SO well for me.
i stand up a lot and move around when i am working, making everything more accessible.

* you can see the dictionary-page-covered file cabinet 
[shown below in an image from the other post]
under the work table. i LOVED this piece!

below is the office/studio in house A
it's one you haven't seen yet...
[though other posts have shown the beautiful huge white mantel in this tiny cottage!]

tiny would be the operative word here - this room was only 11X9!
nevertheless, i fit a LOT of storage in here 
[used the vertical space!]
and even took the closet doors off so that built-ins could be used in there, too. 

and, okay, you may notice that at the time, i was heavily into chartreuse green. and pink.
[i am not preppy. 
i swear i didn't know that was 'the uniform' for Lilly Pulitzer fans!]

 but even though now i think i would go bonkers in that room, 
the happy, bright pink and green papers [yes, dollar tree and target!]
really went a long way in coordinating a bunch of haphazard elements in here.
it's REALLY important to reduce the LOOK of clutter as well as the ACTUAL clutter
when your space is only a hundred square feet
 things that i really liked about that office:

* the green damask paper was FLOCKED. uh huh! 
target. 2007 - i think it's all gone now, girls!

* the glass jars holding colorful crafting supplies... and yes, candy

* the hot pink cards hanging from the wire mobile
tearsheets from O magazine, with encouraging quotes on them.

the wonderful enamel-top farm table.
i used that table in dozens of ways for over 18 years!

* did you see the chandelier?! it's green in this room.
it was about twelve colors in the twenty years that i owned it!

i hope these ideas inspire you to see what you can do 
with what you already have on hand and can get inexpensively!

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  1. Love your posts and your rooms, thank you for sharing. Congratulation s on your item in romantic homes. Going back to re read it

  2. I have really enjoyed your ideas. The colors have changed, but you are still a queen of organizing. That is what I genuinely appreciate. Thanks for sharing


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