Deb's Original Sweet Sweater Pumpkin Tutorial

Sweet Sweater Pumpkins are my own original design!

They were created and first shared on my personal blog (Hummadeedledee) in 2007/ 2008.
I sold them at vintage shows on the West coast from 2009 - 2011,

and they were included in FOLK Magazine's Premiere Fall 2011 Issue.
I sold them in 2012 here on HOMEWARDfoundDecor.com.

In 2013, they are shown in Better Homes & Gardens' Halloween Tricks & Treats Magazine.

 my sweater pumpkin tutorial is always available!
it's a step by step tutorial, with large images like this to walk you through the process:
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Sweet Sweater Pumpkin Tutorial $5.00

My sweater pumpkins are a perfect fall craft for children, as they are no-sew and very low-cost. The pumpkins can be made of any sweater material in any color – from bright stripes to spooky black! They are soft - and although they are not meant to be toys for children or pets [or men practicing football plays], they are not breakable.

Click here to read some 'care directions' for sweater pumpkins made 'my way'...

My blog is all about sharing great ideas and inspiration with you, so what better place to break out the secrets for my best-selling original product? yes, i will keep selling my handmade pumpkins to stores and to people who aren't interested in making their own - but not everyone can buy them. and that's ok.

i thank you for your support, and wish you a Happy Fall!

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