Holiday & Christmas Decor Inspiration

Over the past 40 years, (WOW, has it really been that long?!!)
I have had the great blessing of creating beautiful Christmas decor
for many people and many businesses...
for Four Seasons Hotel & Microsoft executive homes,
for many small businesses like Molbak's Home+Garden store 
for big huge famous businesses like Chateau Ste. Michelle and Columbia wineries,
and the Disneyland Resort. 

Now I share my tips, tricks, and ideas here on HOMEWARDfound Decor!
You'll find loads of Holiday inspiration here...

all of my Holiday-theme posts can be located by clicking on this image in my sidebar: 

Here are links to my top Christmas posts:

 I use glass globes for SNOWBALLS  and SNOWMEN in winter!

I LOVE changing up my color schemes each year, 
combining ornaments in new ways and mixing what I have to get a whole new look...
Click here for a post sharing these inspiring Holiday color palettes:

At this time of year where we are grateful for the blessings in our lives,
I want to thank each and every one of you who come here to read my posts
to find inspiration for your own home decor
for your continued support and interest in HOMEWARDfound Decor...
Wishing you all an inspired holiday season,
a Happy Hannukah, and a VERY Merry Christmas!
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15 Inspiring Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Searching for ideas for your Thanksgiving table decor?

I offer some 'Fast, Cheap & Easy' TM inspiration for you, with these
15 Thanksgiving Tablescapes

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It's Not Too Late to Get Your SPOOK On!

Looking for last minute Halloween decor ideas?
(it's okay!)
Have no fear! I have a TREAT for you in my archives:
a bunch of my trademark 'Fast, Cheap & Easy' TM ideas:

...click the 'read more' link at left to see MORE!



Yep, fall is on its way!
I know it's still 'officially' summer, but everyone is in prep mode for the fall season...
and I know JUST what you are looking for!

for my Original product, 'Sweet Sweater Pumpkins' 
(copyright DWK 2007)
My pumpkins made from thrifted sweaters are my MOST well-known design...
but their popularity is followed closely by my Original Glass Globe Pumpkins!

Other Original pumpkin decor ideas I have designed include 
(Um, YES, I DO have a thing for pumpkins!
My grandpa called me his 'Little Pumpkin Eater' because of my red hair...
so I have always loved pumpkins ;) )

< click the 'read more' link to see more!


Summertime, and the Livin' is Easy....

Memorial Day Weekend is almost on hand, and that means SUMMER is here!
Enjoy every relaxing minute with my ideas for using what you already have on hand 
to create Summer Style in your home every day...

Tips & Links for Summer #MAYkeovers HERE

All of my Summer Season Posts HERE

Thank you again for visiting HOMEWARDfound Decor,
 and have a fabulous Summer vacation!
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